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UVA Fan Reacts Results: Fan expectations for Virginia at a season low while confidence in Tony Elliott is split

Here’s what UVA fans are thinking through five weeks.

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

With the Virginia Cavaliers now sitting at 2-3 through five contests, we here at STL surveyed UVA fans everywhere to get a feel for how the fanbase is feeling about this team and the program moving forward.

For starters, we decided to see to what extent the 21-point loss to Duke has brought with it apathy among the fanbase. When asked if they’re still invested in UVA football following the road defeat, 39% of fans declared that they are, 38% of the Wahoo faithful noted that they are “sorta” invested, while the remaining 23% stating that they’re not invested, even if they were before.

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Next up, we polled what UVA fans expect the Wahoos’ final record to be this season. A near majority, 43% of fans see just two wins in Virginia’s remaining seven contests with the team finishing 4-8. 28% think Tony Elliott’s squad will finish 3-9 or worse which... isn’t great with 17% predicting a 5-7 record, 10% foreseeing the ‘Hoos going 6-6 on the year, and just 2% expect the team to be better than 6-6.

For comparison, when asked the same question after the Illinois loss when Virginia was 1-1 on the season, 33% of fans said UVA would go 5-7, 27% said 6-6, 23% chose worse than 5-7, 13% said 7-5, and 2% said 8-4. The drastic shift from 75% of fans expecting a 5-7 three weeks or better finish to just 29% now says everything you need to know about how this season has gone.

SB Nation Fan Reacts

Thirdly, we wanted to get an idea for the fanbase’s thoughts on Tony Elliott now that we’re nearly through half a season with him as the head coach. Fortunately, for now, 41% of fans noted that they’re moderately confident in Elliott. Granted, 35% said that they’re only a little confident with “extremely confident” and “not confident” each receiving 12% of the vote. So, altogether, the Wahoo faithful seem to be pretty split on Elliott right now.

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Lastly, we figured it’d be worth getting a feel for how UVA fans see tomorrow’s game against Louisville going. In tune with the lowered expectations for the season after last week’s embarrassing loss, only 39% of Virginia fans think that the ‘Hoos will be the 2-3 Cardinals at home. Woof.

SB Nation Fan Reacts

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