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Virginia WR Devin Chandler confirmed as third killed in Sunday’s shooting

University President Jim Ryan confirmed that Devin Chandler was the third individual killed during Sunday night’s shooting at Culbreth Garage. Ryan also confirmed earlier reports that Lavel Davis Jr and D’Sean Perry were the other two killed. All three were members of the Virginia Football team.

Chandler was a transfer from Wisconsin, where he had appeared in six games in 2021, during which time he returned four kicks for a total of 85 yards. He was sitting this season out at Virginia.

The North Carolina native also played in four games in 2020 for Wisconsin, including the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

While the suspect Christopher Darnell Jones, a former Virginia football player who was on the team in 2018, is now in custody, it’s still too early to know any suspect motivation. The shelter in place order has since been lifted, though Monday’s classes remain cancelled, as is tonight’s men’s basketball game against Northern Iowa. More on Streaking the Lawn as we learn of it.