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UVA Football Fan Survey Results: 42% of UVA fans think Jay Woolfolk should get an opportunity at quarterback

The results from this weeks survey are quite enlightening.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 29 Miami at Virginia Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the Virginia Cavaliers kicking off against the North Carolina Tar Heels in just a couple of hours, we’ve got the results from this week’s edition of the UVA Football Fan Reacts Survey!

First up, we asked Wahoo fans for how they’d describe the season so far. While my cheeky inclusion of “it’s basketball season,” broke up the vote a bit, only 7% of fans declaring it as expected is a pretty telling sign of how the fanbase is feeling right now. Perhaps I should’ve included “better than expected,” but I didn’t see that getting any real votes soooo... moving on.

SB Nation Fan Reacts

Next up, we inquired as to who the fanbase faults for the UVA offense’s continued struggles. I do find it interesting that Des Kitchings is the leader here which would seemingly imply a problem with the play-calling and partially the overall offensive scheme. In that sense, Tony Elliott being second makes sense. Still, I’d probably heap additional fault on the guys on the field. Execution very much isn’t there.

SB Nation Fan Reacts

I also decided to try and get a feel for the fanbase’s perspective on whether backup QB Jay Woolfolk should get an opportunity this season and while “only” 42% said he should, I think that’s a meaningful number. It’s very unlikely to happen unless Armstrong is injured, but notable at the very least considering the fanbase’s growing desire to see the sophomore get a chance.

SB Nation Fan Reacts

Lastly, we’ve got another healthy dose of pessimism for today’s contest with just 11% of respondents predicting a win for the ‘Hoos against UNC today. We broke down the contest in our weekly preview and I think there’s probably more than a 11% chance of UVA winning, but I don’t blame anybody for not foreseeing it.

SB Nation Fan Reacts

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