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Behind enemy lines: Previewing Boston College with the experts

Pittsburgh v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Before the Virginia Cavaliers tip off against the Boston College Eagles tonight, we caught up with the Boston College SB Nation site to preview the matchup.

What’s the general assessment of Earl Grant in his first season at the helm? Obviously early and the team is still struggling but what are your impressions of him?

From the first game I attended in Conte Forum this season, I have felt a different energy surrounding this year’s BC team. I think a combination of a new coach and coming off a year where BC fans couldn’t go to games has generated quite a deal of excitement and support for the team. Beyond that, listening to the players talk and seeing their body language on the court, has me convinced that the team is really buying into what Coach Grant is preaching. Grant brings a new intensity and passion to the team that I think was sorely needed.

Where is BC strongest? Weakest?

The biggest strength of BC is their ability to play cohesive team basketball. When BC has been at its best, it has been because the team has been able to patiently move the ball around until they find the look they like. There hasn’t been a great deal of “hero-ball” on display. Certainly, the Langford brothers have been the catalyst for the team’s offense but it never feels like they aren’t looking for the open man.

The biggest weakness is the team’s 3-point shooting. Generally, when BC struggles offensively, they really struggle, if they can’t their close or mid-range shots it’s hard for them to get into any rhythm. The Eagles don’t shoot a ton of threes and they don’t have a go-to long range marksman. There are certainly players who can hit shots from beyond the arc, but it isn’t a major facet of their game.

Is there anything in particular you see in Virginia that worries you for this matchup?

Whenever I think UVA basketball, I think low scoring, suffocating defense. BC’s offense can certainly put some pressure on the ‘Hoos but I also feel UVA can suffocate BC’s offense, especially if they clamp down on the Eagles’ ball movement. A quick start will be very important for BC in this one.

What’s your game prediction?

If BC get off to quick start, I think they can keep UVA on their heels. The Eagles’ don’t play with quick tempo but they are very efficient when their games is on and can methodically grow a lead.

Eagles’ offense was clicking against Pitt so I say they keep it going and win 58-51.