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2022 STL Bracket Challenge Contest!

Win a $100 Mincer’s Gift Card!

Syndication: South Bend Tribune Tribune Photo/MICHAEL CATERINA / USA TODAY NETWORK

Just because the Virginia Cavaliers didn’t make it to the big dance doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a March full of madness. We’re back with this year’s STL Bracket Challenge...and this year, we’re giving away

$100 to Mincer’s!

For anyone who has watched any sports tournament ever, the concept is simple. You pick the winner of each matchup, and you get points per correct pick. The person with the most points at the end of this is declared the Official Dictator of College Basketball. Legally speaking, college basketball referees are required to listen to you in the event you challenge any of their calls in person. As ODCB, you are legally entitled to step onto the court during any college basketball game to contest a referee decision.

We’re hosting our bracket on CBS this year - you can sign up directly here.

First place winner will receive a $100 gift card to Mincer’s — good luck!


  1. Join the Streaking the Lawn group on CBS.
  2. Make your picks — traditional CBS scoring rules apply.
  3. Only one entry per user — if you accidentally signed up with more than one and haven’t removed it before tipoff, none of your entries will be valid.
  4. Sign up now until the first tip on Thursday.
  5. There are more terms and conditions that apply and you should read them here.