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Big changes coming to Streaking the Lawn

We’re so excited to start this new chapter!

NCAA Men’s Final Four - National Championship - Texas Tech v Virginia Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

After thirteen years, earlier today my forever boss Brian J. Leung announced that he’ll be stepping down from his post as the site manager of Streaking the Lawn. What Brian has established with this site is something special. He’s built a Virginia Cavaliers community unlike any other and has done it all while donating all profits to charity.

Personally, I couldn’t be more grateful for what Brian has done. As a lifelong UVA sports fan, I grew up reading and listening to STL. I knew who Brian, Caroline, and Pierce were well before I’d ever debated about the most comfortable weather with them in our Slack room.

Joining this site as a contributor a year ago was a career goal checked off, while taking on the role of the beat writer this fall was incredibly fun, and now taking on the site manager position is something I couldn’t have imagined.

None of that would’ve been possible without Brian and all his work to make this community so special. He’s given me so many opportunities already and he deserves all the credit in the world for where this site stands today.

Now, we start building for the future. With this in the works for about a week now I’ve already agreed to bring on two more staff members who I’m ecstatic to add as contributors to our site. Those details will be squared away and announced shortly.

If you don’t know who I am, I’m a first year at UVA who covered Virginia sports for two years from my high school bedroom before arriving on Grounds and being thrown into the fire. I’ve been the beat for this academic year and have been the one writing our day-to-day coverage of football, basketball, and lacrosse.

I’m looking to grow the substantive analysis that we produce on this site while simultaneously still being the hub for breaking UVA sports news. We’re looking into expanding our podcast feed and potentially adding new shows there. You’re going to be seeing more film breakdowns for football and basketball and there’s going to be more recruiting coverage and deep dives. We’re going to do our best to interact with YOU, the fan.

For that matter, reach out to us, to me. Let us know what you want to see on this site. My email is zach.carey@streakingthelawn and I’m chronically on Twitter at @zach_carey_. Shoot me a dm, send me an email. Hit us up in the comment sections. I want to continue to build this site for the fans, by the fans.

We couldn’t be more excited for the next phase of Streaking the Lawn, nor more appreciative of what Brian and others have built here.

Come along for the ride!