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Dan Siegel joining Streaking the Lawn as a writer

Adding another talented analyst to our team!

Iowa v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

As we continue to grow our Virginia Cavaliers community here at Streaking the Lawn, we’re adding one more contributor with another talented young guy, Dan Siegel, joining our crew!

Right when it’d been decided that I’d be the new Managing Editor of this website Dan and Ben Wieland were the two people I knew I’d try to hire off the bat. Now, with both on board, I know that we’re going to be able to continue to expand our coverage of everything UVA athletics and take STL to another level.

Dan is a freshman at UMass and has plenty of experience covering ACC sports. Specifically, he’s a contributor for Pypeline covering the ACC and also writes for the College Basketball Review.

Additionally, he’s established a great brand for covering the ACC through his Twitter account that was previously named ACC Content before he’s started to incorporate his personal branding into the fold. On top of all that, Dan’s followed UVA sports for a long time and is an expert in both basketball and football.

Dan has a great mind particularly for football analysis. He understands the x’s and o’s and ins and outs of the gridiron and will no doubt provide our site with more knowledgeable analysis of the football team in this new Tony Elliott era.

He’ll also produce content that utilizes his general broader, in-depth knowledge of college football and basketball and focuses it onto UVA sports. Dan is someone who I’ve spent plenty of time talking basketball and football with and there are few opinions I value as much as I value his.

Keep an eye out for Dan’s first piece this week where he’s doing a deep dive on how Brennan Armstrong will have to adjust his play this coming football season.