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Celebrate Virginia’s 31st National Championship won by the men’s tennis team!

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With the Virginia Cavaliers’ men’s tennis team taking care of business back on May 22nd and winning the NCAA Championship, UVA clinched its 31st team national championship with the men’s tennis program winning its fifth. In fact, all five of those championships have come in the last 10 years with this being the first since 2016 and since former head coach Brian Bowland left.

Now with Andres Pedroso leading the charge, UVA men’s tennis is back on top as the team bulldozed its way through the NCAA Tournament and all competition that the ‘Hoos faced.

The team did so impressively by beating Kentucky 4-0 and underscoring an incredibly dominant season where the ‘Hoos won 22 straight matches after struggling throughout February.

To celebrate the natty, BreakingT has released a sweet design commemorating yet another Wahoo championship. With five tennis balls in between the two tennis rackets, the shirt celebrates the men’s tennis program’s historic fifth championship.

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