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Virginia football going retro with 2022 helmets

The new blue and white designs appear to be numberless.

Tiki Barber Virginia

As fall camp starts for the Virginia Cavaliers football team tomorrow, we’ve gotten a look at the helmets that the ‘Hoos will be wearing in the 2022 season. While the white one is fairly similar to last season’s, the blue is slightly different as both of these helmets are a throwback to a helmet used decades ago by former UVA squads.

For starters, the blue helmet makes a return with a very simple design that loses the orange and white stripes down the middle that were on the helmet last season. With orange and white sabres on either side, the helmet takes advantage of the minimalist look and should be a sweet look especially matched with UVA’s orange jerseys.

Next up, the white helmet is nearly identical to last season except the fact that neither jersey has numbers on the side of the helmet, rather with the V-sabre taking up each side in a more classic look.

In fact, these helmets are merely modern versions of similar helmets from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

This signals more uniform changes to come as said variations could be seen as emblematic of Tony Elliott taking over the program and the newfound investment in football with Carla Williams as Athletic Director.

Stay tuned to Streaking the Lawn for more coverage of the football team as fall camp kicks into action tomorrow.