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Welcome back to STL’s daily column: Around the Corner

Bringing you all the latest news in Wahoo sports with a unique perspective.


Hello and welcome back to Streaking the Lawn’s daily column, Around the Corner. As the Virginia Cavaliers’ 2022-2023 athletic year has started up in Charlottesville, we’re bringing back a classic STL piece.

This will largely be brought to you by yours truly, Zach Carey. As this is my first fall as the Managing Editor of STL, I’m hoping to both broaden our coverage of UVA sports while also trying to connect more with our audience. We know that we won’t be able to cover absolutely everything happening in the Virginia sports world in the depth it all deserves — nobody can — but via, Around the Corner, I’m hoping to provide you with all the relevant news, stories, and happenings around the Corner (see what I did there ;).

That will come in the form of my own concocted thoughts on the latest news, links out to other UVA media outlets (*gasp* yes there are IN FACT other valuable places to read about UVA sports IN ADDITION TO Streaking the Lawn), some fun highlights from the world of social media, and a student perspective section where I’ll get into what is literally occurring on Grounds and on the Corner.

So, with our first edition of ATC this fall, I’ll start off with a brief re-introduction. If you don’t know who I am (wouldn’t blame ya), my name is Zach Carey and I’m the relatively new lead man for Streaking the Lawn. I’m now a second year student at Mr. Jefferson’s university and have been a lifelong Wahoo as my mom grew up in Cville and went to UVA with her brother while my grandfather was a professor at UVA for more than 40 years. While I moved away, I did live Charlottesville for five years in elementary school and grew up attending UVA sporting events.

Virginia sports have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. For proof, here’s a pic of me watching the 2003 men’s lacrosse National Championship game against Johns Hopkins.

Yup. Day one Wahoo right here.

Professionally, I got my start writing about UVA sports back in the fall of 2019 for Locker Room Access as a volunteer. After about 18 months there and with a few other jobs covering other teams, I got a gig with STL as a contributor in April-ish of 2021. Then, last fall, I took over as the UVA beat writer after good ole Caroline Darney abandoned us for a gig with some indie news outlet called the USA Today. And, last spring, the man, the myth, the legend himself Brian J. Leung handed me the keys to STL.

So, now, it’s time to rock and roll. We’re gonna bring you the best version of STL yet and continue to build off the tremendous work of my predecessor Brian and everybody who has made this site what it is today. Our team is committed to bringing you the best content we can produce with an increased volume this fall. And, best of all, that all starts every weekday morning at 7:00 AM with me and Around the Corner.

So, on this fine Monday morning, let’s kick things off.

Notable Wahoo News

How to help former Wahoo PG Nigel Johnson after terrible car accident

For starters, I want to bring added attention to the situation of former Wahoo point guard Nigel Johnson. In the last week Nigel was involved in a horrific car accident when he was hit by an oncoming vehicle as a pedestrian while stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. To help him and his family cover the significant costs of his recovery, please check out the GoFundMe (that we at STL have confirmed as legitimate) raising money for him.

Former Virginia football 3-star commit Jarvis Lee de-commits from the Wahoos Wahoos247

One of UVA’s top commits of the 2023 class, cornerback Jarvis Lee yesterday announced the long-coming news of his de-commitment from Tony Elliott’s program.

“Virginia is a good school both with football and academics, and they got good coaches, but I feel like I can go somewhere where, I’m not saying bigger than that, but I feel like I can go anywhere in the country and play,” Lee said over the phone.

Lee, who started his prep career off at Clay (Fla.) outside of Jacksonville, says that he has communicated with representatives from Florida, Miami, North Carolina and Auburn recently. He has also talked with FSU, which hosted him for an unofficial visit the last week of July.

Brunner Scores Twice, No. 4 UVA Women’s Soccer Crushes Loyola 6-0 — Cavaliers Now

With two games in the books for #4 UVA women’s soccer, the ‘Hoos are 2-0 with wins over Loyola Maryland and George Mason. We’ll have weekly coverage of both men’s and women’s soccer coming shortly. But, for now, be sure to check out the game story from Cavaliers Now.

Virginia lacrosse signs transfer Griffin

In an effort to bolster the team’s defense, UVA men’s lacrosse HC Lars Tiffany has brought in Richmond transfer d-pole Griffin Kology. A rising sophomore, Kology is the younger brother of former Wahoo and anchor of the 2019 and 2021 national champion defenses Kyle Kology.

Of Griffin, Tiffany said the following in Virginia Sports’ story:

“What a great opportunity for UVA and our team defense,” said Tiffany. “To have Griffin join our program is to bolster our defense athletically, instinctually and strategically. Griffin has benefitted from fantastic coaching at Chatham High School, and with Dan Chemotti’s University of Richmond program for one year. Griffin proved to us first-hand on the field in April that he can effectively cover elite dodgers and be a communicative, reliable defenseman in a slide scheme. He will push for significant playing time right away.”

Social Media Dive

A pair of Wahoos represented the U.S. in the U-21 World Lacrosse Championships over the last few weeks. D-pole Quentin Matsui and short-stick defensive midfield Danny Parker were UVA’s pair on the roster.

And, if you didn’t know, UVA basketball has been pretty good in conference play over the last decade.

Student Perspective

These last few days have been quite hectic on Grounds. With classes starting on Tuesday, move-in has been going on over the last week. Personally, I moved in on Saturday and have been running around buying various things for my apartment for the last few days.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night Sean Kingston performed a students-only free concert in JPJ. It was a pretty fun atmosphere altogether and, while Kingston only has 3-4 well-known songs, the experience was still worth it.

Of course, Block Party was also on Saturday so the streets of 14th and Wertland were packed with your typically boisterous Wahoo students back for another studious semester in the university’s various, vast libraries.

Oh! And on Friday night UVA Football welcomed the class of 2026 to Scott Stadium for a welcome event and to get the new first years excited for the upcoming season. Hopefully similar numbers show out come September 3rd.

Thanks for reading day one of ATC. I want this to be your go-to source for your UVA sports fix each morning. Again, the plan is to get one of these up every day, but likely with various lengths depending on how much homework my pesky professors assign.

Kidding aside, I hope you’ll read along with me and with all of us at STL this year. We couldn’t be more excited for another year of Wahoo sports and to have all of our wonderful readers along for the ride.