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Streaking the Lawn Podcast 8/26/22 — FOOTBALL SEASON PREVIEW!!!!!!

It’s game week and we’re previewing UVA’s full schedule this fall.

Virginia v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images
Streaking The Lawn Podcast - Each week, your Streaking the Lawn podcast crew gets together to talk about the latest and greatest with all things Virginia and beyond.

FOOTBALL IS BACK AND SO ARE WE BABYYYY. As the Virginia Cavaliers open their season this Saturday against Richmond, we’re kicking off the season with our full-season preview podcast as Paul and I joined Pierce to predict each and every game on UVA’s schedule and give our big picture thoughts on the ‘Hoos this season.

Spoiler alert: UVA has the opportunity to do very well this season with a weak schedule and the toughest games at the end of the year.