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Around the Corner 9/15: Elijah Gertrude commits, UVA offense hoping to avoid third and longs, and more

Another day of ATC on this fine Thursday afternoon.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 10 Virginia at Illinois Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good afternoon my faithful readers and thank you for tuning into a later edition of Around the Corner taking a look at your very own Virginia Cavaliers.

Notable news

Elijah Gertrude scouting report and recruiting impact breakdown — Streaking the Lawn

The huge news that came yesterday evening was Elijah Gertrude’s commitment to the UVA men’s basketball program. We broke down his game in detail while also evaluating what his commitment means for the rest of the 2023 class and how he impacts Virginia’s future roster outlook.

Everything Virginia OC Des Kitchings said on Wednesday — Wahoos247

Nice piece from Jacquie here detailing everything Kitchings said yesterday post practice. He specifically emphasized avoiding 3rd and longs which were a thorn in UVA’s side against Illinois as the ‘Hoos were a lousy 0-15 on third downs...

Kitchings also said that yesterday’s practice was the team’s best since the end of fall camp which hopefully bodes well for Virginia’s return home to play ODU this Saturday.

Social media dive

To get a look at the moment it happened, here’s Gertrude from yesterday’s live on 247’s Youtube channel making his commitment. Pretty cool moment.

Hopefully the heart that UVA is emphasizing in this tweet carries over to Saturday...

And, while we’ve covered it in detail already, UVA men’s lacrosse is going to be stacked for the foreseeable future.

Student perspective

Now that the semester is nearly a month old, we’re starting to reach the real exams and papers starting to be due which puts everybody just that little bit on edge. Trying to figure out just how tough professors/TA’s grade is a stressful period of time.

But, hey, we’ve got another home football game this Saturday! The weather is cooling down a tad and UVA’s reportedly made efforts to improve the fan experience with more/better vending options. So, hopefully, everyone can stay for the majority of the game. I’ll be strolling through Grounds and heading to a few tailgates so if you see a tall, blonde kid with a backpack, say hi!

We’re also looking into doing another Streaking the Lawn tailgate this year — the first since 2019. Still working on locking down sponsorship for it but would love to hear if people would be interested in that.

It’s almost Friday people, stay strong and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.