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UVA Football Fan Survey Results: How the fanbase is feeling after two games

We asked and you answered.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 03 Richmond at Virginia Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning Virginia Cavaliers fans! This week we took a survey of UVA fans to get an idea of what the fanbase is thinking about the football program after last week’s tough loss to Illinois with some interesting results.

First off, we asked you all your general thoughts and feelings regarding the state of the UVA football program after two games of the Tony Elliott era. 45% of you chose the middle ground option, saying you feel “not great, but not horrible,” while 26% said “confident,” 25% chose ““concerned,” and an optimistic 4% emphasized that they’re still “extremely confident.” Kudos to those staying positive.

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Next up, we were curious to know who/what you all thought was most to blame for Saturday’s 21-point loss and the results were pretty evenly split between two answers. 50% blamed it on the offensive line with 47% voting Tony Elliott and the coaching staff as the culprits while Brennan Armstrong (2%) and the wide receivers (1%) filled out the last handful of votes.

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We also were wondering how everybody expects the remainder of the season to go after the ‘‘Hoos had their lunch money taken in Champaign. This was the most split vote with 33% predicting UVA to finish 5-7, 27% foreseeing 6-6, 23% (typo there, our bad) expecting worse than 5-7 (yikes), and just 2% betting on 8-4. Boy do I wish we’d run this poll before the season started.

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In a ploy to discover how everyone’s expectations changed after the Illinois loss, we asked you all just that. Perhaps the answers ought to have been phrased better, but 40% said that everything changed following UVA’s first defeat of 2022, another 40% picked the slightly less extreme option saying that their expectations were slightly lowered, and the final 20% voting that nothing really changed in their overall expectations for this season

SB Nation Fan Reacts

We’ll be running a fan reacts series weekly this season so be sure to vote each week and have your voice heard! Always good to take a poll to see how the fanbase as a whole is feeling.

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