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Around the Corner 9/27: Chico Bennett shining, UVA basketball has first practice, and Malcolm Brogdon ready for seventh season

Tuesday Hoosday! (just go with it)

Virginia v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning my friends and welcome into an oddly quiet morning in our shared world of Virginia Cavaliers sports.

Notable news

Chico Bennett Jr. Named ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week — Cavaliers Now

After registering two sacks, four tackles, and a fumble recovering against Syracuse on Friday, Chico Bennett Jr. was named the ACC’s Defensive Lineman of the Week. Listed as one of the winners from Friday’s loss in our winners, losers, and I don’t knows piece (shameless plug yada yada yada, college ain’t cheap), Bennett Jr. is having himself a breakout season as UVA’s starting BANDIT with four sacks in as many games.

Noon Kickoff Time Set for UVA/Louisville — Virginia Sports

In less fun news, Virginia’s October 8th home game against Louisville is officially slated for noon. Especially with the game set for Homecoming Weekend, the early start is a bit of a bummer.

Social media dive

Not a ton of substance to the video itself, but this serves as a reminder of the complex situation Brogdon has walked into in Boston. Coming off an NBA Championship appearance, the Celtics are now embroiled in controversy with head coach Ime Udoka likely suspended for the entire 2022-2023 season due to a sex scandal.

Ideally, Brogdon can provide some stability within the organization as a leader and the team’s starting point guard.

And, hey would ya look at the date, UVA men’s basketball is back in the gym for the team’s first official preseason practice. Hopefully we get more than these handful of images from opening day...

This tweet is from Sunday, but too good not to be shared. Jelani’s got that dawg in him.

Student perspective

Yesterday was a relatively chill day school-wise. Caught up with the family and called both my mom and younger brother. Also finished watching episode six of House of the Dragon which was absurd.

Today we’ve got another weekly Elliott presser and depth chart release so stay tuned for stories from that later today. And, as we’re now just 41 days away from the start of UVA’s basketball season, we’re gonna start plugging out preseason bball content for you all shortly.

On that note, would love to hear if there are any specific stories you’d like to read from us as we approach November. We’ve got a plan in place with some good stuff coming down the chute, but always good to check in with the readers about what you guys actually wanna read.

That’s it from me today. Cross your fingers with me for basketball practice footage and I’ll see you back here tomorrow AM.