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Around the Corner 9/29: Malcolm Brogdon a bright spot for the Celtics, more basketball practice footage, and how UVA is scheming for Duke

Brogdon establishing himself in Boston.

Baltimore Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Good morning my friends and welcome into another day of Around the Corner. Been a relatively quiet week for Virginia Cavaliers sports, but there’s still plenty to get to on this slightly chilly Thursday morning.

Notable news

Everything OC Des Kitchings said after practice ahead of Duke — Wahoos247

Kitchings addressed essentially all the issues with his offense through four games including the offensive line, Brennan Armstrong’s issues, the wide receivers’ struggles, and the play-calling and how they hope to move forward this weekend against Duke.

Let Malcolm Brogdon be the bright side Celtics Blog

Things aren’t going so great for the Boston Celtics right now, but our sister site over at SB Nation’s Celtics Blog published this complimentary story about Malcolm Brogdon earlier this week to emphasize how former Wahoo Malcolm Brogdon is a bright spot for the team. His willingness to do whatever is necessary to win a championship is much appreciated, something we would absolutely expect of The President.

Why has Brennan Armstrong been struggling and what has to change for Virginia to be successful this season? — Streaking the Lawn

Wanted to bump this piece by our own Dan Siegel from yesterday one final time. Great analysis of what’s been off with Armstrong’s play and where improvement needs to be shown.

Social media dive

Aha! The real first practice highlight video! I feel bamboozled for publishing a story with the first 39-second highlight clip. Rest easy, though, folks. Now we’ve got a full minute to overanalyze!

And, continuing on the Brogdon note, he just won the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award for Respect. Honestly hadn’t heard of this award before, but attaching Muhammad Ali’s name to it implies it means something. The UVA great also just threw out the first pitch at last night’s Boston Red Sox game so, other than his head coach getting suspended for a year due to a sex scandal, things are coming up all Malc of late.

Student perspective

Gonna hit up the Guadalajara on Fontaine later tonight with my girlfriend. Haven’t been back there since arriving, so definitely looking forward to chowing down on one of their footlong burritos. Also probably gonna head up to either Carter Mountain or Chile’s Orchard this weekend, so gonna have a very Cville couple of days.

As I write this in class, I’ve only got a few more before fall break so whoop whoop for that. The fall weather is starting to creep in which is quite nice. It’s not quite hoodie weather, but it is absolutely cool enough to avoid sweating at all when walking to and from classes, which is a relief.

Nothing more to add today. Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. Weekend is right around the corner.