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Happy New Year From Streaking the Lawn!

With the new year upon us, we’ve donated our profits from 2022 to the UVA Strong Fund.

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Memorial Held For University Of Virginia Football Players Killed In Shooting On Sunday Night Photo by Mike Kropf-Pool/Getty Images

Happy Holidays and New Year!

With the new year now upon us, we’d be remiss to not thank you all for hanging with us throughout the year! From basketball season in the winter and early spring, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, and more in the spring, a summer of offseason content, football, and the start of basketball again, it’s been another whirlwind of a year covering Virginia Cavaliers sports. The entire staff here at STL is incredibly grateful for all of you who have read, commented, and interacted with us this calendar year. The highs have been high and the lows have been tragically low, but being a part of this UVA sports and Streaking the Lawn community has been a privilege through it all.

Donating our profits

Obviously, as Brian stepped down from his official role with STL in the spring and handed me the reins as the site’s Managing Editor, this is my first time writing this particular post But, in consultation with Brian and our entire team, we’ve decided to make the annual donation of our profits to the UVA Strong Fund. The tragic shooting on November 13th continues to impact the UVA community and we decided that ensuring that we continue to support those affected by it is our top priority in giving this year.

If you’re unfamiliar with the UVA Strong Fund, here’s the description the university provided:

Numerous alumni and friends of the University of Virginia have reached out to see how they can assist the families of the victims, the survivors of the November 13 shooting, and the broader student community. With the University united in mourning the lives senselessly taken and forever altered by this shocking event, many of us can feel powerless in the face of such grief.

The UVA Strong Fund, a University-wide effort administered by the UVA Alumni Association, is a way to support victims, survivors, and their families; to provide services for students in the wake of the tragedy; and to honor the lives of those who died on November 13. Our hearts are broken, but together we will mend our spirits.

We’re so grateful for all of you for following along with us here all year long. Each and every one of us on staff has full-time duties elsewhere, whether that be as a student or having a real job. But we do this because we love it!

If you’re looking for ways to amplify this gift and support our giving into the future, here are a few:

  1. You can make a donation directly to the UVA Strong Fund here.
  2. Bookmark our Amazon Affiliate link and click on it right before you check out on any cart. If we’re the last affiliate link you click on before checking out, we’ll get a very small commission.
  3. Buy any of the officially licensed gear from BreakingT using our affiliate link. We work with the BreakingT team to come up with new designs to capture the moment, and they’ve been one of our favorite partners over the years.
  4. Just keep supporting us. Read the articles. Download and listen to the podcasts. Engage with the site frequently!

Past recipients of our annual donation include: Special Olympics of Virginia (2010), The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia (2011), Cavaliers Against Cancer (2012), the oncology center of UVA Children’s Hospital (2013), Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (2014), and the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (2015), Chris Long Foundation’s Waterboys (2016), the Heal Charlottesville Fund (2017), UVA Children’s Hospital (2018), UVA Football’s Thursday’s Heroes (2019), UVA Health’s COVID-19 Support fund (2020), and Child Health Partnership (2021).

On behalf of Will, Pierce, Ryan, Paul, Tiki, Ben, Dan, Val, and even that old head Brian, thank you! Thank you for reading what we have to say about UVA sports, for listening to our podcasts, for telling us why we’re right, wrong, or somewhere in between, and for being a part of this community! Wishing you all health, happiness, and a deep tournament run in 2023!