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New Reece Beekman T-shirt from BreakingT depicts his poster against Virginia Tech

Get your own shirt with this sick design of Reece Beekman’s buzzer-beating poster!

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With another sweet Virginia Cavaliers design, BreakingT’s new shirt features Reece Beekman’s halftime buzzer-beating dunk against the Virginia Tech Hokies. En route to an 11 point, seven assist performance against UVA’s in-state rival, Beekman burst down the floor, attacked the paint, and (as he’s prone to do) shocked everybody with a dunk over the outstretched arms of the 6’10” Lynn Kidd.

In fact, Beekman’s dunk was so emphatic that it even had Steph Curry up out of his seat and impressed. Suffice to say, Beekman will have earned himself (another) fan within the Golden State organization.

To get your very own “Rise Up Like Reece” shirt, you can buy it at our affiliate link here and support us AND Reece via NIL. You’ll notice, there are a number of other shirts there as well including another Beekman one and one each for Armaan Franklin and Jayden Gardner, among others.