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Game recap and final stats from Virginia basketball’s Blue-White scrimmage

Come follow along as we analyze and report on the game live!

Louisville v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Virginia Cavaliers basketball is back! Well, kind of at least. The men’s and women’s teams have their Blue-White scrimmages this afternoon, and with UVA not streaming their games everywhere, we have not one, not two, but three of our writers in person covering the scrimmages!

We’ll have postgame coverage of the women’s team coming down the chute, and for the men’s scrimmage I’ll be typing up live notes with some elements of play by play and analysis here before we write our five takeaways with a full box score after the game.

The men’s scrimmage will be three ten minute “quarters” with the first two being blue vs white before the green team plays the third against the combined blue and white teams...

Tipoff is scheduled for 2:30. Stay tuned for quarterly updates as the game progresses!


Here are the teams for the Blue-White rosters:

WHITE: Beekman, McKneely, Rohde, Dunn, Buchanan, Groves, How

BLUE: Harris, Gertrude, Murray, Bond, Minor, Bliss, Robinson, Roberts

Notably, Elijah Gertrude is playing despite tearing his ACL in his senior season of high school last year. He’s got a sleeve on his right leg. Awesome news for the freshman guard.


White Beekman, McKneely, Rohde, Dunn, Groves

Blue: Harris, Gertrude, Murray, Bond, Minor

First quarter


Jordan Minor post up on Groves, misses long.


Jake Groves midrange jumper off an offensive rebound following a Beekman missed pull up middy.


Leon Bond baseline drive and reverse layup over a Ryan Dunn contest.


Ryan Dunn block of Elijah Gertrude leading to Dunn feeding Beekman for a transition dunk.


Dante Harris makes two free throws. Score is 4-4.


All mover blocker/sides for UVA so far. Transitioned into a few isolated ball screens for the point guards, notably Reece Beekman. But nothing new schematically thus far.


Ryan Dunn isolation in the high post out of mover blocker. led to a dribble drive and kick to the perimeter, but the pass was deflected out of bounds. Andrew Rohde scores off the Beekman feed from out of bounds.


Another Leon Bond reverse layup after a baseline drive. Making his length felt on offense so far.


Ryan Dunn offensive rebound off a Rohde missed three, leading to a putback latyup.


Dante Harris already with two steals, one on Reece Beekman in settled defense, one on Ryan Dunn after a defensive rebound.


Elijah Gertrude uses a wing ball screen from Jordan Minor and exploits Jake Groves for hedging too hard to slip the ball to Minor for a dunk off the roll.


Reece Beekman with a beautiful drive and kick to Ryan Dunn for a corner three that rolled around and just barely slid out.


Blake Buchanan and Christian Bliss check in. Love to see the young guys getting run. Buchanan plays really nice help defense on his first possession.


Ryan Dunn fall away floater after backing his way into Leon Bond in the paint. Love to see him establishing himself as a scorer.


Ryan Dunn blocks a Taine Murray layup attempt. His second thus far.


Lot more Reece Beekman high ball screen with Blake Buchanan on the floor. Drove and kicked to a wide open McKneely in the corner but the ball went in and out.


Reece Beekman steal after Leon Bond got the switch and tried to post him up.


Ryan Dunn slips a pick for Andrew Rohde, catches the feed, and gets fouled on his shot. He hits both free throws. 12-8 White team.


Blake Buchanan is a difference maker as a help defender. Switching onto everybody and contesting shots so well.


Our first look at UVA’s triangle offense. Leads to a side ball screen from Buchanan for Beekman. Beekman drives, just missed the layup, and Buchanan taps out the offensive rebound.


Reece Beekman takes Bond off the dribble and hits a pull up midrange from above the free throw line.

14-8 at the end of the first quarter, White team leading.

First quarter stats

Courtesy of Ben Wieland

Second quarter

Rohde and Groves switched to blue, Robinson, Bond, and Gertrude switched to white. Clearly trying to even up the teams a bit.

Blue starters: Harris, Rohde, Murray, Groves, Minor

White: Beekman, McKneely. Dunn, Bond, Buchanan


Dunn playing as the three when on court with Leon Bond. Notable for their positioning.


Leon Bond corner three off the Dunn feed in move blocker. Beautiful.


Buchanan alley oop layup off a pick and roll with Beekman.


Jacon Groves corner three after an Andrew Rohde feed. Nice to see the ‘Hoos have the ability to pop a guy to the corner after setting pin downs in mover blocker.


Reece Beekman looks so decisive on offense. It might not show up in the stats because guys are missing shots he’s giving them, but he’s making the right decision in the pick and roll every single time.


Bond pull up midrange jumper after a two-man game with McKneely. His shot looks pure.


Buchanan reaches on a hedge against Rohde. Otherwise he’s played flawlessly.


Christian Bliss lefty layup in transition.


Hate to say it but Andrew Rohde doesn’t look great. Missed a lot of shots. He’s been aggressive attacking the basket but keeps pulling up for midranges that have clanked rim.


Rohde and McKneely each 0-3 from three right now. Team is 2-13 overall.

Separately, the White teams lineup of Beekman-McKneely-Dunn-Bond-Buchanan was a PROBLEM defensively. Leon Bond looks like one of Virginia’s best five players. Buchanan looks like the best pure big.


Anthony Robinson has some butter fingers so far. Has two turnovers in the paint thus far.


Ryan Dunn is sooo good on defense it’s crazy. Has guarded so many different players, and is just solid on the boards. Shut down Groves then came back for the rebound.


Clearly Anthony Robinson is reading along cuz he just answered my note with a sweet and one dunk over Groves. Credit Gertrude and Dunn for the ball movement that led to the dunk.

Dunn with three assists so far.


Dante Harris’ third steal of the game and second on Reece. leads to a transition layup over Robinson.


Reece Beekman answers right back by going at Harris and crossing him over into a Jordan-esque midrange jumper. Drew the foul and hit the jumper for the three-point play.

The midrange was an area for improvement for Reece, and he’s showing signs of being better there.


Another Ryan Dunn block, this time getting Harris after a dribble drive.


For my X’s and O’s nerds out there, it’s been probably 90% mover blocker on offense thus far. Little triangle offense mixed in with some high ball screen looks to initiate sides. Otherwise all sides.


Well, the threes sure aren’t falling. 2-18 from deep


Blake Buchanan air balled a jump hook when guarded by Jordan Minor in the post.


15-9 blue team in the second quarter.

Second quarter stats

Photo courtesy of Ben Wieland

Third quarter

8 minute period. Same teams. Same starters as the 2nd.


Leon Bond floater in the midrange off a pin down screen and then a feed. Fourth assist for Dunn.


Jordan Minor little turnaround hook shot for a bucket on Buchanan


Buchanan gets him back with a turnaround jumper. Vet and the youngin going at it.


Harris drives off a wing screen and feeds Minor in the paint who’s fouled by Beekman from behind. Hits both free throws. 4-4 through two minutes.


ANOTHER Dunn assist to Leon Bond. Drives from the corner and hits a cutting Bond in the paint for a bucket.


ANOTHER Reece Beekman midrange jumper, this time off a spin move at the top of the key. Really really impressive.


Pair of free throws drop for McKneely. 10-4 White team.


Ryan Dunn three off a number of jab steps with the clock winding down. 13-4.


Andrew Rohde rims out a post up hook shot on McKneely. but Minor gets the rebound and puts the ball in off the backboard.


Gertrude finds Dunn cutting to the basket off a flare screen. Dunn has a wide open reverse layup but puts too much on it.


Jordan Minor misses two free throws after getting fouled going up after an offensive rebound.


Jacob Groves makes both free throws after a fluky foul.


Anthony Robinson with a SLAM of a dunk after picking and slipping for Isaac McKneely. Really nice pocket pass from IMac.


Dante Harris slices and dices through the defense for a nifty finish at the rim.

:00 Elijah Gertrude with a 35-foot three pointer to beat the buzzer on the final play of the game.