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Perris Jones undergoes successful spine surgery, able to briefly walk

Virginia running back on the road to recovery.

Virginia v Maryland Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

After taking a scary hit against the Louisville Cardinals on Thursday night, Virginia Cavaliers running back Perris Jones has, according to a release from UVA, undergone successful spine surgery and was even able to briefly walk today.

According to the statement, he’s still at the University of Louisville Medical Center but soon will be transferred to the Frazier Rehabilitation Institute in Louisville as he continues to receive care.

While spine surgery is undoubtedly serious and it’s a shame that Jones’ college career should end like this (with this being his final year of eligibility), thank goodness he is not going to have to deal with paralysis and that he at least appears to not have suffered serious brain damage.

As we said in our five takeaways from the Louisville game, Jones is a tremendous human being. He is a smart, dedicated leader of this football team with incredible charisma. He is a kind, warm soul who lights up a room. Everyone at Streaking the Lawn and in the Virginia Cavaliers community is obviously wishing Perris a full and speedy recovery!