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Virginia men’s basketball falls out of the AP Top-25 after Wisconsin loss

‘Hoos still receive votes.

NCAA Basketball: Fort Myers Tip-Off-Virginia at Wisconsin Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

After jumping into the top-25 for the first time this season at #24 in last week’s AP Poll, the Virginia Cavaliers men’s basketball team has dropped back out of the poll following the blowout loss to Wisconsin in Fort Myers last Monday. UVA still received votes, tying for the 40th most overall.

Future Wahoo opponents in the top-25 include #7 Duke, #8 Miami, #14 Texas A&M, and #17 North Carolina. Memphis, Florida State, and Clemson also received votes with Memphis the best of the rest.

Unfortunately, none of the other teams who competed in Fort Myers last week are in the top-25 or even received votes. The AP Poll is absolutely very flawed, but still UVA coming out of that tournament with a 24-point loss and a two-point win is... not great.

But hey! This team was always going to have to improve as the season wore on. So let’s trust in Tony, trust in the system, and trust in the players to develop as the year progresses. This Wednesday’s matchup with the #14 Aggies provides a fantastic opportunity to get things headed in the right direction again.

Full AP Top 25

1. Purdue

2. Arizona

3. Marquette

4. UConn

5. Kansas

6. Houston

7. Duke

8. Miami

9. Baylor

10. Tennessee

11. Gonzaga

12. Kentucky

13. Florida Atlantic

14. Texas A&M

15. Creighton

16. Texas

17. North Carolina

18. Villanova

19. BYU

20. Colorado State

21. Mississippi State

22. James Madison

23. Alabama

24. Illinois

25. Oklahoma

Others receiving votes: Memphis 108, San Diego St. 102, Colorado 70, Ohio St. 67, TCU 66, Michigan St. 57, Auburn 46, UCLA 24, Princeton 14, Arkansas 10, Florida St. 8, Iowa St. 8, Southern Cal 7, Liberty 7, Nevada 6, Clemson 6, Virginia 6, Mississippi 5, Nebraska 4, South Carolina 2, Cincinnati 2, Kansas St 1, Bradley 1.