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Roundtable: Predicting UVA basketball’s 2023-2024 season results

Locking in our predictions for the ‘Hoos in the 2023-2024 season.

Duke v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Okay team, the Virginia Cavaliers men’s basketball team’s 2023-2024 season tips of tomorrow against Tarleton State. So, before it’s too late, let’s throw down some predictions. Give me your predicted ACC record, regular season ACC finish, maybe an ACC Tournament result, NCAA Tournament seed, and round of elimination (if they will be...) for the ‘Hoos this season.


Conference record: 14-6

Regular season ACC finish: 3rd

ACC Tournament finish: Loss in semifinals

NCAA Tournament seed: 6

NCAA Tournament elimination round: Round of 32


Conference record: Only once in the last 6 seasons has UVA lost more than 5 ACC regular season games, so I will guess 15-5.

Regular season ACC finish: 3rd

ACC Tournament finish: Championship game loss

NCAA Tournament seed: 4

NCAA Tournament elimination round: This is really all that matters at this point right? Elite 8 loss! Shake off the ghosts and a bit of a run in March for the Hoos!


Conference record: Pretty easy draw getting Duke, UNC, & Miami only once each — gonna say Virginia goes 15-5 again.

ACC Regular Season: 2nd place

ACC Tourney Finish: Champs baby, we peak at the right time this year

NCAA Tournament seed: 5 seed, because of some early season losses

NCAA Tournament: Sweet Sixteen exit, we make it back to the second weekend.


Conference record: 14-6. I think with all the new faces they’ll have a few more slip-ups early on than we’re accustomed to, but then find their groove down the stretch.

Regular season ACC: 4th

NCAA Tournament seed: 7

NCAA Tournament: Loss in Sweet 16. I think we’ll get hot in February/March this season and come in as a scary 7 seed. Without the pressure of avoiding another embarrassing upset, I’ll say we take care of business against a high-major 10-seed and then pull a second-round upset.


Conference record: 15-5. Think this team turns it on at the right time and strings together a winning streak early in conference play.

Regular season ACC finish: 2nd. Duke will be just a bit too talented. But think it’ll come down to the wire. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Virginia share the title again.

ACC Tournament finish: Semifinals loss. Just feels right.

NCAA Tournament seed: 5. Think a couple non-conference losses will prevent them from having enough marquee wins and they’ll head to the tournament around 25-8 or so.

NCAA Tournament elimination round: Whew buddy when thinking about this the difference between a first or second round exit and a Sweet 16 appearance is just so huge. I’m too excited about this team right now so I’m gonna say they get to the second weekend before being bounced by a 1 seed...