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Streaking the Lawn Podcast - 2/3/23 - Hoos Keep Winning (and some signing day talk)

In our opinion, winning is preferable to losing

Virginia v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett /Getty Images
Streaking The Lawn Podcast - Each week, your Streaking the Lawn podcast crew gets together to talk about the latest and greatest with all things Virginia and beyond.

Pierce, Zach, and Ben are back this week to talk about the Virginia Cavaliers’ basketball wins over Boston College and Syracuse! The crew do briefly start off with football’s signing class and talk a little bit about the best-rated recruit in the class. They quickly turn their attention to the basketball team’s winning streak and breakdown the two recent wins. They discuss Kadin Shedrick, consistent shooting performances, and discuss the ACC competition for the conference title. No one believes in Clemson. Don’t worry, they’re also well aware that the Hoos could pick up some losses soon - but for now, it’s all Ws.