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Streaking the Lawn Podcast - 3/8/23 - Talking UVA Lacrosse’s Last Three Wins

Caroline and Zach hop back on the pod to talk lax and a little bit of basketball as well.

Virginia Media Relations
Streaking The Lawn Podcast - Each week, your Streaking the Lawn podcast crew gets together to talk about the latest and greatest with all things Virginia and beyond.

In yet another episode of the Streaking the Lawn Podcast, Caroline and I are back this week to talk about the Virginia Cavaliers men’s lacrosse team and its past three wins against the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Richmond Spiders, and the Johns Hopkins Blue Jays. We break down the performances of the offense, defense, and special teams while evaluating the team’s numerous strengths along with a few areas for potential improvement.

We also chit-chatted a bit about the UVA men’s basketball team in the closing minutes of the podcast as we aired our grievances about the All-ACC teams, discussed how absurd a team of UVA’s five ACC DPOYs would be, and hit on what we’re hoping Virginia gets out of this week in Greensboro.