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Support the Hoos in a different type of competition

Charity Bowl mixes sports and spite for a good cause

ACC Championship - Clemson v North Carolina Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

If you thought bowl season was over, and the Virginia Cavaliers missed out this season, then you would be wrong.

The finest bowl in all of college sports started today, with the annual Charity Bowl fundraiser for New American Pathways, a nonprofit based in Atlanta. The brainchild of Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson, Charity Bowl raises money each year to support NAP’s refugee resettlement work in Georgia. You can learn more about NAP’s work on their website.

Charity Bowl follows some very simple rules, which you can find in Holly’s annual explainer thread here. The basics:

  • The donation window is open through the end of the week (Friday, May 19)
  • Give what you can.
  • Donate an amount with numbers significant to your school (more on that below).
  • Give more than your rivals.
  • We all bow before the might of the Michigan Money Cannon (TM).

What makes Charity Bowl truly enthralling is the ability to use donations to taunt a rival or celebrate things that are special about UVA. For instance, $115.41 could honor the memories of Lavel Davis, Devin Chandler, and D’Sean Perry (1-15-41). $39.30 would represent the score of UVA’s 39-30 win over VPISU in 2019—or $20.19 could celebrate the 2019 season generally, which saw UVA win national titles in men’s basketball and men’s lacrosse in addition to snapping the Tech losing streak.

An important note on the “give more than your rivals” point: RECURRING DONATIONS COUNT ALL AT ONCE. So a $20.19 donation, recurring monthly, gets more than $240 on the board for UVA. If your employer matches charitable donations, those count too (and get special credit in the leaderboard, published regularly throughout the week).

UVA managed to crack the top 25 last year, but trailed Virginia Tech (and, because the internet is sometimes a weird and wonderful place, Washington & Lee). I know we’ve got more in us this time around.

The donation link is here. You can also text charitybowl23 to 91999. Post a screenshot of your number and rationale for it in the comments and on your socials (AFTER blocking out any personal info...), and “get out the vote” among the UVA faithful. Tag us in your post and we’ll give you that sweet sweet STL signal boost.