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Reece Beekman inks another NIL deal with McDonald’s

The senior point guard is one of three Virginia athletes who’ve signed deals with McDonald’s this fall.

NC State v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Virginia Cavaliers point guard Reece Beekman has signed an NIL deal with McDonald’s for the second consecutive year according to the UVA-partnered NIL collective Cav Futures. Heading into his fourth season in Charlottesville, Beekman joins women’s basketball freshman Kymora Johnson and one other currently un-named athlete to partner with local McDonald’s franchises this fall.

Former Wahoo quarterback Brennan Armstrong was the first UVA athlete to partner with McDonald’s. Beekman is now arguably the face of Virginia athletics as the best player on the department’s most prominent team, so it makes plenty of sense that local McDonald’s franchises would want to partner with him for a second year.

While Virginia doesn’t have the NIL resources of the biggest football schools in the country, it’s awesome to see Beekman, Johnson, and presumably Virginia baseball’s Ethan Anderson all sign deals with an internationally recognized brand like McDonald’s.

Particularly considering that Beekman was on the cusp of staying in the NBA Draft in the spring, establishing deals like this provide precedent for players in similar situations as his to return to UVA and know that they can still make money while also developing for the professional game.

Johnson’s deal with McDonald’s on the other hand indicates how much of a personal brand she’s already built in Charlottesville and at UVA. The fanbase and community are both more than ready to get behind her, Coach Mox, and the Virginia women’s basketball team, and that’s great to see.