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Virginia football fans predict three wins, are uncertain about Tony Elliott and Tony Muskett

Wahoos fans not very optimistic ahead of the 2023 season.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 03 Richmond at Virginia Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Virginia Cavaliers football fans answered three major questions in this week’s fan poll, and we’ve got the full results. Understandably so, Wahoo fans are feeling fairly pessimistic about the season ahead, but are looking for reasons for optimism.

First up, the UVA fanbase is fairly split about how many games the team will win this fall. 57% of fans predict that the Wahoos will win either three (30%) or four (27%) games, and that fits with the 3.5 total wins over/under.

It is however a bummer that 19% of fans felt inclined to select two wins or fewer, more than those who predicted five wins (14%) and six or more victories (10%). That’s not the fanbase’s fault — it’s just a reflection of where the program seems to be heading into Tony Elliott’s second season. Surely everyone would love to see the 24% of fans who predicted five plus wins to be correct.

Photo courtesy of SBN Reacts

Next up, we wanted to get a feel for what the fanbase is thinking about Monmouth transfer quarterback Tony Muskett. Logically, 49% of fans are simply uncertain about their confidence level in Muskett, and that makes sense since he’s still yet to suit up in the orange and blue. 28% of fans took a slightly stronger stance, noting that they’re “somewhat confident” in the FCS product, which is a sign of the arm talent Muskett does possess.

Photo courtesy of SBN Reacts

Lastly, we asked the same question about Tony Elliott with an interesting spread of answers. The 38% who selected uncertain logically represent the majority of fans who are still waiting to see what Elliott’s program will look like as he starts to bring his guys in and as it builds forward from last November’s tragedy.

Photo courtesy of SBN Reacts

It’s a shame that 27% of fans said that they’re already not confident in Elliott, but that’s what a 3-7 first season will do. Clearly for both Elliott and Muskett there’s opportunity to prove themselves in the next few weeks. Saturday’s game is borderline unwinnable, but if the team shows some positive signs and backs those up with a win over JMU, things could be looking up in short order.

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