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Analyzing Virginia football’s pre-NC State depth chart

Breaking down the notable changes and updates to UVA’s depth chart.

Virginia v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

The Virginia Cavaliers have released their depth chart for this week’s game against the NC State Wolfpack with a number of notable changes at important positions, so we’re analyzing the depth chart ahead of Friday night’s contest.

Virginia Athletics



Tony Muskett is still listed as the starter, and he seems more likely to play on Friday than he did last week. In his press conference today, Tony Elliott said that Muskett is still day-to-day but that he’s progressed past “emergency status”. Whether he plays on Friday or not, Muskett is still UVA’s starter. That makes sense after Anthony Colandrea’s up and down performance versus Maryland and the bigger arm and more experience that Muskett has.

Running back

Somewhat surprisingly Perris Jones is no longer listed as UVA’s top running back despite being the best runner for the ‘Hoos through three weeks. But with how the Wahoos have been rotating the carries and snaps between him, Mike Hollins, and Kobe Pace, that probably won’t result in too much of a decrease in opportunities.

Wide receiver

This is where things get interesting. Week one starter at outside wide receiver Demick Starling is, according to Elliott, redshirting this season and leaving the program in the offseason. That’s far from ideal with the speed he has and the deep threat he could’ve posed.

It does help that the ‘Hoos have a number of young talents in the wide receiver room. Malachi Fields and Malik Washington are the clear top two guys, but JR Wilson, Suderian Harrison, Jaden Gibson, and Dak Twitty are all talented youngsters who will get more opportunities with Starling now gone.

Tight ends

Nothing notable here. Still Wood-Misch-Rawlings.

Offensive line

Brian Stevens remains at center after the ‘Hoos swapped him and Ty Furnish vs Maryland with success. In his presser Elliott said that Jimmy Christ is getting back to full strength. That would be huge for this offensive line is pass protection with how much Ugonna Nnanna has struggled in pass pro.


Defensive line

Nothing too notable here. Elliott said today that second string BANDIT Paul Akere is day to day with a minor injury.


No changes.


The “or” is back between Sam Westfall and Malcolm Greene. Honestly, why one of those doesn’t play SPUR (slot corner) is beyond me considering the struggles Tayvonn Kyle has had so far this fall.


Lex Long is out this week at strong safety after he was limping around the field while playing vs Maryland. He’s awaiting MRI results per Elliott, so looks like that could be a longer term injury for one of Virginia’s best defensive players. Elliott also announced that Antonio Clary has had ankle surgery which will keep him out for at least six weeks. Why he didn’t have surgery sooner since he’s been dealing with this injury before the season is unknown.

That like leaves Dave Herard to start alongside Jonas Sanker on the backend of UVA’s defense.

Special teams

No notable changes here.