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"Tony Bennett's" ACC Preseason Coaches Poll Ballot Released

An inside look at what Tony Bennett's ACC preseason coaches poll ballot may look like!

Peter G. Aiken-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Yesterday, the ACC released the conference's preseason coaches poll. NC State led the polling, with Virginia coming in at number seven.

Normally, in these situations, the vote remains secret - we could assume that Roy Williams was responsible for UNC's sole first place vote, but we'll never know. However, we are lucky enough to have a coach that believes in transparency. Courtesy of Tony Bennett*, who may or may not be tweeting at @IfTonyTweeted, below is what may or may not be the UVA coach's ballot. According to Tony, the ballot has been annotated, since some of his choices may be controversial.

ACC 2012 Preseason Ballot

1. Kentucky (The rules say they can't compete because they're not in our conference, but UK is not a school to get too hung up on rules.)

2. UNC & Duke (I was told when I was hired that they would always be in the preseason top two, no matter how much talent they lost from the year before or how much Roy Williams was overrated as a coach.)

3. Virginia (We're short on experience and long on foot injuries, but we have a ton of talent, and possibly the smartest young coach in college basketball.)

4. NC State (The last time NC State was really good, they finished fourth in the conference, so this seems like a good fit.)

5. Somebody from Florida (Whichever Florida team it is that's sometimes good at basketball, but used to be really good at football and now they can't even do that right.)

6. Clemson?

7. Wake Forest (Imagine you're a guy with three brothers and two of them have always been really popular and good at basketball, but it was ok because the other brother was kind of an outcast has-been but now he's popular and talented too and so when you play neighborhood pickup games your brothers all get picked before you, and it really hurts your feelings. But people have started to realize that you're sensitive about that and now they make a point of picking you even though you suck and you're just going to drag them down. Welcome to the poll, Wake! We're expecting big things!)

8. Does it matter? Anyone not picked in the top 7 has no chance of winning it all. FACT.

9. The other Florida team (The one with all the criminals)

10. Georgia Tech (Remember Bobby Cremins' hair? Man, that was glorious. If I ever go gray, which I won't, I want hair just like that)

11. Boston College (The City of Boston has over 100 universities and colleges, and Boston College is one of them.)

12. Maryland (Prediction: If the AD doesn't eliminate their sport prior to the end of the season, they'll find another way to fail spectacularly. It's like their players rub a lucky monkey's paw on their way out to the court every game.)

Thanks again to @IfTonyTweeted for the info!

*Disclaimer: This is not Tony Bennett's ballot. We did not talk to Tony Bennett. It's a joke.