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2013 Virginia Basketball Midnight Madness: Tip-Off and Open Thread!

In just nine days, the Virginia men's and women's basketball team begin their respective roads to the Final Four, which both start against JMU -- in Charlottesville for the guys, and at Harrisonburg for the gals. And after what can only be described as a downright brutal football season for Cavaliers fans, we could all use something to look forward to in the winter.

To get the hype machine rolling on the Cavaliers, Streaking The Lawn is bringing back the online midnight madness that was such the rage last year. With nearly twice the number of articles as last year, we think you'll look forward to the 24 hours of coverage that begins right now and will give you team-by-team previews, profiles of each of our players, power rankings, opposing blog interviews, Phony appearances, and so much more. Oh, and did we mention...


If there's one thing we love here at Streaking The Lawn, it's giving you lots and lots of free stuff. This year, we've got an assortment of prizes!

PRIZE OPTION ONE: A pair of tickets to the ACC contest between the Virginia Cavaliers and the Florida St. Seminoles on Saturday, January 18 in Charlottesville.

PRIZE OPTION TWO: An autographed UVA Men's Basketball team poster!

BONUS PRIZES: All day long, we'll be giving away our infamous Keep Calm and Streak The Lawn t-shirts, so keep an eye out throughout the day on how you can win one of these bad boys!

How do you win one of the two grand prizes? Comment, comment, comment! We'll pick two lucky winners from the comments throughout the day. One winner will be based on the substance of the comments -- the one that made us laugh the hardest, the one we found most insightful, or some other subjective means that you'll probably argue was unfair if you didn't win ("Rec"s will be taken into account!). The other winner will be picked completely at random, so the more you comment throughout the day, the better your chance of winning!

We'll leave this post front and center all day long, so go ahead and keep this page open and share your thoughts here. Obviously if you want to comment on a specific post, make the comments in that post, but if you just want to kill some time and see who else is online, pop in here and share your thoughts and gifs!