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#SWOON T-Shirts Available For Sale

The second in Streaking The Lawn's fashion lineup, here's the only place you can go to purchase these fantastic #SWOON t-shirts!


The hype surrounding the 2013-14 Virginia Cavaliers basketball squad is due in no small part to Wahoo standout Joe #SWOON Harris, who has been repeatedly dubbed one of the nation's top shooters. In describing Harris, Streaking The Lawn writer Will Campbell penned the hashtag heard around the [Twitter] world, one that caught like wildfire in no time flat.

It seems only fitting, then, that the second design in Streaking The Lawn's fashion lineup is the official #SWOON shirt!


The back of the shirts have the Streaking The Lawn logo, with site address underneath. Shirts are just $20, with free shipping! But wait, you ask. T-shirts don't cost $20 to make. What are you doing with the profits?

For those of you who don't already know, each year, we make money based on ad revenue, etc. At the end of the year, after we've spent some of it back on you guys, by way of contests and tailgates, we take everything we have left, and we donate it all to charity. That's where your money goes when you buy these shirts. While we haven't decided who STL's 2013 beneficiary is yet, in years past, we've made donations to Special Olympics -- Virginia, the Boys and Girls Club of Central Virginia, and, most recently, Cavaliers Against Cancer. Your purchase allows us to continue our trend of increasing our donation amount every year!

What's that, you say? You missed out on the first shirts we sold? Fear not! We've still got Keep Calm and Streak The Lawn shirts in inventory, and we're going to drop the prices on them down to $20 as well, with free shipping!


And now I know what you're thinking: HOW DO I GET MY HANDS ON THESE SHIRTS ALREADY?!?

The answer is, RIGHT HERE! These shirts are available for preorder. What does this mean? It means we don't have any shirts in hand yet as of right this second. But we're going to collect preorders for a couple weeks, with the goal being to ship shirts to your hot little hands around the end of November! Please note that there could be a whole slew of reasons that could delay shipment, but we will do our earnest best.

READY TO ORDER??? Go through this little doo-hick, and if you'd like to buy more than one shirt, just go through the process a couple times. BONUS: A few randomly selected preorders will receive a FREE Keep Calm t-shirt! Please email us if you are having any issues.

Update: THE SHIRTS ARE IN! Please note that we cannot accept orders for sizes larger than XL at this time. But, the shirts are in and we can ship them out within a couple days of your order! (Sizes may be limited and we will contact you for a different size or refund if necessary.)

UPDATE: As of December 2014, we have moved our t-shirt sales to a third-party vendor. You can buy them here!