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2013 Virginia Cavaliers Basketball: Midnight Madness Recap

We. Are. Exhausted. But we've made it to the end! Bring on VIRGINIA HOOPS!

We made it!
We made it!

Holy smokes! 24 hours and 65 articles later, you are now all complete basketball experts not only on the Virginia Cavaliers, but indeed, on the entire ACC and what feels like half the colleges in the entire country. You got a sense of the bare-bones basics of Bennett Ball, and then took it a step further when we talked about tempo-free stats and judging players based on 40 minutes of play. We had interviews, roundtables, polls, and contests all day long.

Afraid you missed something? Here's an index of everything we had today:

Articles of General Interest:

Player Profiles:

Team-By-Team Breakdowns:

Blogger Q&As:


We promised you some winners throughout the day, and now we go:

Grand Prize Winner No. 1: HOOdbridgeVikings -- congratulations and thanks for your insightful comments all day long! We enjoyed reading your posts, and you'll get first pick whether you want the FSU tickets or the autographed poster. We'll email your SB Nation email address to get your details!

Grand Prize Winner No. 2: MEllisUVa -- congratulations, your comment was chosen at random as the other grand prize winner! We'll be in touch to coordinate your prize -- you'll get the one that HOOdbridgeVikings does not choose!

Virginia Tech .Gif Winner: andgiveayell -- The perfect .gif preview the Hokies' upcoming basketball season. Congratulations! We'll email you to coordinate your Keep Calm and Streak The Lawn t-shirt prize!

Thanks for following along with us all day long, folks! Basketball season is right around the corner -- Wahoowa!