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UVA's Joe Harris Dunks HARD on Missouri State

#ThunderDunk #ThunderJoe #ThunderSwoon #Monswoon -- pick your favorite hash tag

For those of you not fortunate enough to get CBS Sports Network, the Virginia Cavaliers are just rolling over MIssouri State in the championship game of the Corpus Christi Challenge, after a somewhat lackluster start. You'll read more about Justin Anderson's dominant game, but for now, you'll probably want to take a second and watch this video as Virginia's Joe Harris absolutely obliterates a Missouri State player foolishly trying to take a charge.

Thanks to Twitter user @Shakenbake2885 for tweeting it out. We'll replace this video if possible with a better quality one when available.

I originally missed this, so I asked Twitter for a quick recap. This is what I got:

So what's your favorite hashtag to capture this moment?