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ACC Spelling Bee: Spelling Krzyzewski Can Be Hard

Listen...Joe Harris can't be bothered with your silly little games.

In preparing for the Big Ten / ACC Challenge, ESPN recently interviewed a number of ACC players, including Virginia's own Joe Harris, and asked them to spell Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski.

They were not successful.

Harris, who apparently prefers to be imprecise rather than incorrect, couldn't be bothered with this little game, what with all those letters and all.

The video also features UNC's Brice Johnson, ND's Eric Atkins, Syracuse's C.J. Fair, BC's Olivier Hanlan, Maryland's Nick Faust, Clemson's K.J. McDaniels, and Duke's own Tyler Thornton, all in failed attempts.

Coach K weighs in on the matter, noting after the second Z that "the rest should be easy," and that "you should be able to do that."

Virginia takes on undefeated No. 10 Wisconsin on Wednesday night in the Big Ten / ACC Challenge. Last year, the Hoos upset the Badgers at Wisconsin, 60-54, handing the Badgers their first November non-conference home loss since 1997.

You can read this year's preview right here.