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Everything Joe Harris says is perfect #Swoon

No, this headline is not hyperbole


Virginia's returning first-team All-ACC fourth-year Joe Harris responded to fan questions via the school's new social media platform, Wahoo Central, yesterday in preparation for the upcoming season. Here are some highlights.

Harris may not have been the most interesting interview...but he is a true team player. No matter what fans asked, he refused to give any credit to himself (or any individual at all, really):

Michelle (Charlottesville): What are your personal goals this season?

Harris: My personal goals are directly related to our team goals. As long as we have success, I feel I will have individual success as well.

Jenna: Joe, which teammate do you think will have a breakout season?

Harris: We're excited to have Malcolm Brogdon and Anthony Gill play after they sat out last season. Otherwise, I think all of my teammates have improved following last season.

Robert (Troy): On last year's team, you were typically the primary scoring option when UVA had the ball. What do you anticipate your role being on this year's team which should feature more offensive weapons?

Harris: This is the most depth and talent offensively we've had since I got here. We should have a more balanced attack

Doug (Randolph): What are your expectations for this season? How good can you be my man?

Harris: There are a lot of reasons to be excited for this season. We have a chance to have a great year.

He addressed a few serious questions. He and Tony Bennett are a match made in a basketball fan's heaven- (it's a favorite anecdote of commentators that Harris committed to Tony at WSU, then agreed to come with him to UVA) :

Stevie (Philly): What do you like best about playing for Coach Bennett?

Harris: I love the way he instills toughness, soundness and respecting the game into all of his players. We share the same mindset and we'll do whatever it takes to win.

Ted(NYC): What aspect of your game have you worked on the most this off-season?

Joe Harris: I tightened up by ball handling, conditioning and finishing in traffic

El (Charlottesville): Besides Coach Bennett, who has played the most influential role in your career at Virginia? And what is the most important thing they have taught you?

Harris: Definitely the rest of the coaching staff and Ronnie Wideman. They have prepared me on the court, but more importantly off the court on how to be a better person.

However, the highlight of the interview (besides a special question from Justin Anderson, who somehow dunked on Joe?) was Harris's acknowledgement of the Twitter #swoon phenomenon:

John (Humphreys): How do you feel about your nickname, Joey Hoops, and the Joe Harris #swoon movement?

Joe Harris: I think the nickname is cool and has a nice ring to it #swoon

To give credit where credit is due, extensive internet research reveals that the above "#swoon" moment originated with our very own Will Campbell:

And was quickly and...enthusiastically adopted by Leung:


So, there you have it, Streaking the Lawn is not only your premier UVA sports blog...but also the originators of the "#swoon movement." Check out the full Q & A here.