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Coach Tony Bennett's Highlights Reel from UW Green Bay

This video was posted a year ago, but it just came across my eyes tonight and, well, everything about it is perfect. Hat tip to @MattGeo13 for tweeting it at me. It features Virginia head coach Tony Bennett during his time at Wisconsin-Green Bay, a team that upset the Wahoos earlier this season in an offensive explosion, 75-72.

As the Wahoo faithful already know, while at Green Bay, Bennett set the NCAA record, which still stands today, for as the all-time leader in 3-point percentage (49.7) (minimum 200 made and 2.0 made per game).

There are so many perfect things about this video:

  1. Seriously, the music? Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon? Perfect. Nobody does it better / Makes me feel sad for the rest / Nobody does it half as good as you / Baby, you're the best.
  2. Tony Bennett and Joe Harris pretty much look exactly the same in all the shots. It's almost uncanny. Although, I do wish Joe could create shots like Tony did.
    0:46-0:51. That is also perfect.

What's your favorite clip from this video?