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NCAA Tournament 2014: March Mayhem Bracket Challenge

Presented by One Squat Shop

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! You'll undoubtedly be spending the next several days, until tip-off on Thursday, making your bracket selections, changing them, triple guessing, and generally doing everything except for being productive with work or school.

And that's okay.

Because there are prizes to be won! Thanks to the generosity of sponsor One Squat Shop, we're giving away three gift certificates to our top three winners. First place will receive a $50 gift certificate, second place receives a $30 certificate, and third place will receive a $20 gift certificate. One Squat Shop was founded by a UVA alum. Definitely check it out -- there's tons of awesome workout gear from quality companies that you'll undoubtedly love.

The 2014 Streaking The Lawn March Mayhem Bracket Challenge rules are simple:

2014 Streaking The Lawn March Mayhem Bracket Challenge

  1. Read the official rules.
  2. Sign up for the "Streaking The Lawn" group on Yahoo! Sports. The password is "wahoowa".
  3. Make your picks, following the on-screen instructions.

That's it! Good luck, pick UVA to win it all, and Go HOOS!

In between games, spend some time checking out One Squat Shop's site. The brands there are awesome and the workout gear they sell will be some of the best you've ever owned.