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Snapshot NCAA Tournament Video Preview: Virginia Cavaliers

SB Nation does a quick take on what's gotten the Virginia Cavaliers to a No. 1 seed. Hint: it starts with "D" and ends with a fence.

The ACC Champion and No. 1 seed Virginia Cavaliers (boy was that fun to type) have an uphill battle ahead of them, as none of the "experts" at ESPN think that Virginia has even a fleeting chance at making the Elite 8. That's no different, of course, than how the rest of the Cavaliers' season has gone, with the Hoos working their way up the ladder and without recognition.

SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein offers his thoughts in this video on our beloved Hoos, opening by saying that the "Virginia Cavaliers are a perfect example of a team whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts." He acknowledges Virginia's impressive defensive stats, and more importantly, their team mentality that's allowed them to get as far as they have so far.

Check out the video above for more. Stay tuned, because SB Nation has got a lot more videos coming your way.

For example, Matt Ufford did the below video on Chasing Cinderella. Except it sucks, because we don't want any Cinderella teams this year. Let's rock chalk this year. Except, not you, Kansas. Sit down.