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Virginia Cavaliers 2014 Pre-NCAA Tournament Highlights Reel

Earlier today, Brian Schwartz wrote a pretty great piece on how the Tennessee game fueled UVa's run to an ACC Championship and the No. 1 seed in the East Region. You should definitely read it.

It's probably going to conjure up lots of bad memories of how Virginia simply couldn't score against Wisconsin. Or how VCU relied on a last-second buzzer beater to claim this imaginary Commonwealth title that they've created. Or when Coach Bennett threw the Green Bay game so that his alma mater could get what their coach described as the best win of their program (working theory).

But stick through the first 25 seconds or so, because things get really fun after that. After watching this video, I'm convinced no team ever scored on Virginia. Period. And when an elated Joe Harris runs up to Coach Bennett and bear hugs him...well, there's really just no better feeling in the world.

Hat tip to YouTube user TheBankIsOpenFilms for sharing this video!