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Reports: Hawks Restricted Free Agent Mike Scott Considering Moscow Offer

Is there some Hoos-in-the-NBA cap we're not aware of?

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Former Cavalier Mike Scott may be making moves soon, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski in a tweet earlier this afternoon. According to Wojnarowski, Scott, a restricted free agent for the Atlanta Hawks, would prefer to remain in the NBA, but there's a lucrative offer on the table that he's considering.

Though he spent much of the regular season on the bench, Scott saw his role expand after the Hawks clinched playoffs, including a three-game stretch where he made 49 points on 50 shots. In Game 5 against Indianapolis, Scott had a huge second quarter, shooting 6-for-9, including 5-for-6 from three.

According to reports late last week, Atlanta just reached a three-year, $7.3 million deal with guard Shelvin Mack, their other restricted free agent.

Fun facts: CSKA translates into Central Sports Army Club, and the historical CSKA sports club is a part of the Russian Defense Ministry. The basketball team is referred to as the Red Army, and they've won their league title every year since 2002-03. Wikipedia is amazing.

What do you think, Wahoo fans? Do you think Scott is seriously considering Moscow? Or is this a negotiation tactic? Feel free to respond in the comments in emoji form.