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Coach Mike London Discusses The Bye Week, The Frustrations, And The Future Of Virginia Football

The Cavaliers are 2-6 this year, as compared to last year's 5-3 record through eight games.

Geoff Burke

On the ACC coaches teleconference today, Virginia head coach Mike London offered his thoughts on what they plan on doing this bye week, and where Virginia Football is headed in the future.

"A bye week for us. An opportunity to get some guys rested and healed and also an opportunity for us to work on ourselves and spend time reiterating fundamentals and coaching points and things like that. We have practice today, tomorrow and Friday, and have an opportunity to try to better our teams in all aspects."

Exactly what are the Hoos focusing on during this open week?

"You always go into a season with high hopes and expectations," London said. "It is frustrating [to have lost so many close games this year], but at the same time we have to be mindful of the fact that with this open week our efforts and our energies have to be directed towards making good decisions, playing fundamental football and putting ourselves in position to help this team win. If that means schemes or systems or who we're asking to do what, then that's got to be required and will be required."

Of course, special teams has played a significant role in Virginia's 2-6 record.

"Special teams [is] a third of the game, and it's always something that, because it's a one-play football opportunity, that can put you in a bad situation. So two games in a row, first game against Maryland, the kickoff return first play, in this game, a punt return, then in the second play a score."

"We've been trying to come back from a deficit. Those are areas of concern, but it's an area with an open week that gives us an opportunity to adjust, adapt, make personnel changes, schematically or whatever it is, to make sure that we put these guys again, as I said before, in positions to make plays or in position to be productive. That's what this week, this open week is dedicated to."

How will Coach London and company tackle the remainder of the season?

"All we can do now is with the four games left on our schedule is to play those games as well as we can. To have the coaches, including myself, to put these guys in the best position best plan to be executed to give us a chance to win. That is the mindset right now that we've been working on."

And finally, where is Virginia Football headed, after seemingly taking many steps backwards from last year's surprise performance?

"Well, I know it's headed in the right direction in terms of the process of when you get to a place. And this is the second recruiting class we have playing for us right now, currently recruiting the third recruiting class... You can look at the glass as half empty. I look at it as half full. We just need to continue to pour into it and filling it. That's good with players and guys that are capable of handling the school work here. Guys that love winning and guys that give great effort. I would say that we're continuing the process of building this program to where we want it and to where it remains and will be attractive to young student-athletes out there."

"There is still young, good, fresh talent that is here that has a chance, and as we develop them, have a chance to be good."