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ACC releases 2013 Virginia football opponents

Mike London and Virginia will play 8 ACC games in 2013 - who should ticket holders expect to see?


For the first time since 2006, the impending season introduced some uncertainty into the conference schedule because of the additions of Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC. Today, the ACC announced its new scheduling model - thus, we know who will be on UVA's 2013 football schedule.

Scheduling will work similarly to that of past years. Teams will see each team in its division yearly, alternating home and away dates. One team from the other division will be designated a "primary crossover partner" (for us, it's Maryland), and will also rotate yearly. In the past, this left two other cross-division teams to fill out the schedule. Now, because Pitt was added to the coastal, Virginia will rotate through the remaining 6 ACC coastal teams, playing one each year.

This year, that rotating matchup will be......home against Clemson. UVA's full ACC schedule is as follows:

2013 ACC Football Schedule

Home Away



Georgia Tech

North Carolina

Virginia Tech




Additionally, we know Virginia's out-of-conference opponents

Home Away
BYU Penn State
Ball State

Check out this sweet graphic of the full ACC schedule over at

The new schedule has some strange quirks too it, such as Virginia Tech making a second consecutive visit to Boston College; six such repeat instances exist, three of which affect the Hokies (who also get to see Duke at home again). UVA was not affected, and Clemson hasn't visited Scott Stadium since 2008.

This model will be used as the basis for future schedules, as well. Next season, UVA's home and away matchups will flip. and Clemson will be replaced with another ACC Atlantic school. When Louisville replaces Maryland as a member of the conference, the Cardinals will be UVA's new designated yearly crossover "rival."

The complete 2013 ACC schedule, including dates, will be announced in early February.