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STL Roundtable: Best Maryland Victory Memories

See ya later, Twerps

LOL at these goofy helmets!
LOL at these goofy helmets!
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

UVA heads to College Park this weekend for the last time before Maryland bolts to the Big 10 next year. Dummies!

In honor of our final football game vs Maryland EVER (or until the ACC championship game), let's discuss: What's your favorite Maryland (football) memory?

Will Campbell: (After two hours of no silence.....)So, I see we are all really pumped about the rest of the football season! Having only been a UVa football fan for a decade, I don't remember any of these showdowns being a particularly huge game since neither school has been really that good during that time. I will say that Chris Long's Superman hit in the fall of '07 was pretty magical. If I remember correctly, it was another important less than 5 point victory for the Hoos as they were on their way to the Gator Bowl.

My least favorite memory(ies): Freezing my ass off in the pouring rain at Byrd Stadium in 2009 (highlight: UVa won! 3rd and final win of the season!) or losing to a 3rd string LB playing QB for the Terps last year for Homecoming.

Brian Leung: I am ill-equipped to respond to this week's question as I have been categorically erasing Maryland from my memory. Who?

Paul Guttman: My favorite memory is the 2002 game. I was living in Charleston and USC-Clemson was the same day, so nobody around me cared one bit about the UVA-UMD game. Which is fair, because I didn't care about their game either.
I was at a house party and everybody was watching the Cocks and Tigers. I was in another room basically by myself watching the Hoos crush the Terps. Every so often I'd go back into the main room to get another beer or something and I'd update everybody on the score of the game they couldn't care less about.

Schaub threw 3 TDs, McMullen threw 1, Lundy had 3 TDs. The final was 48-13, and somehow that didn't represent how badly we beat them.

For the record, Clemson won that other game, which did not make most of my friends happy.

Tim Mulholland: That was my 4th year fifth. I wish I could say it was my fondest memory of a Maryland game, but uh... That would require remembering it. I do remember the outcome. We wrecked them. And I was pleased.

Caroline Darney: For me, it is 100% the 2007 game at Maryland. It's funny, because normally I would choose one that I was present for, but this game was just so incredible to me and I will never forget where I was when I watched it...gather round, kids. It's story time.

It was in Pensacola, Florida and I had just started flight school. We (a bunch of fellow Wahoos) had taken over a front table and TV at a little joint downtown called New York Nick's (Whatup, Nick! You the man! Thanks for letting me watch all the lacrosse games!). The excitement and adrenaline that went along with that whole game was just incredible from start to finish.

Chris Gould is still one of my fave kickers we ever had (first is of course, the one and only Connor Hughes) and he opens with the FG. Next, Maryland did some crappy stuff we don't care about and went up 14-3. Then, Mikell Simpson just busted it open and took it to the house for the TD to make it 14-10.

Do you ever go back and watch Chris Long highlights? Like seriously. Talk about getting amped up. Throwin' up the L after a big tackle...still get chills. He lit UP the MD QB for that safety, and I knew that was the turning point. When Mikell lunged for the first down on the 4th down stomach was in my perfectly coordinated orange and blue Nike low dunks (For real. They're badass). The icing on the cake (which he probably then ate) was watching Fridge freak out.

Because we can't have nice things, we didn't even score in an easy fashion...another heart attack moment as Mikell almost lost the ball on the touchdown, but the Cardiac Cavs persevered. It was amazing. Mikell Simpson, previously a "who?" finished with 16 carries for 120 yards, two TDs, and 13 receptions for 152 yards. Unbelievable.

Now I'm sad. I'll just watch this again and pretend it's from this season:

Brian Schwartz:My available list goes....less far back in time than some of these, but for me it's 31-0 on Homecomings in '08. I was a first year, and had already witnessed that 52-7 loss to USC, and then a loss to Duke (I didn't know this was something we always did) it was nice when we went out there and romped. The Verica to Ogletree combinaton was killer.

UVA would go on to win 4 straight, including that OT win vs. UNC....before losing a heartbreaker to Miami (a win would've seen the Hoos crack the top 25), then tailspinning down the stretch.

I was at that '09 game in the rain at Maryland too - the win was great, but mostly I appreciated how empty Byrd was - what a joke! Before anyone gets down on UVA fans, look to our (soon-to-be-former) friends up north!

Alright, loyal readers. Let's hear your favorite Maryland win, before it's too late!