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UVA football given 33/1 odds to win the ACC

So you're telling me there's a chance?!

Mike Ehrmann

Bovada, an online sportsbook, has released its NCAA futures odds for the 2013 season. Clemson, with 19/10 odds, is the conference favorite. (This converts into a 34.5% probability of an ACC title). The Hoos didn't fare quite as well, pegged at 33/1 (or about a 2.9% probability).

Florida State is close behind Clemson at 5/2, while Miami is the favorite from the ACC Coastal at 7/2.

Considering UVA's over-under was set at 4.5 wins, these new futures odds seem a bit more optimistic about UVA's chances. Six ACC teams have lower odds than UVA's, likely because of the balance of power between the two divisions. While FSU and Clemson have the Atlantic on lock-down, the Coastal division is anybody's game (except for Duke's).

You can see this divide when odds are broken down by division, with UVA given 14/1 odds (6.7% probability) to win the Coastal.

So, the bad news is that UVA is not the favorite to win the ACC. The good news is that a $1,000 bet on Virginia will get you a $33,000 return, more than enough to cover Orange Bowl tickets for the entire STL staff, so get those checkbooks out!

Odds to win 2013 Atlantic Coast Conference

Clemson: 19/10
Florida State: 5/2
Miami: 7/2
Virginia Tech: 7/1
North Carolina: 9/1
Georgia Tech: 12/1
Pittsburgh: 33/1
Virginia: 33/1
North Carolina State: 50/1
Maryland: 66/1
Syracuse: 66/1
Boston College: 75/1
Duke: 100/1
Wake Forest: 100/1

Odds to win 2013 ACC Atlantic Division

Clemson: 10/11
Florida State: 1/1
North Carolina State: 20/1
Maryland: 25/1
Syracuse: 25/1
Boston College: 33/1
Wake Forest: 50/1

Odds to win 2013 ACC Coastal Divison

Miami: 8/5
Virginia Tech: 13/4
Georgia Tech: 7/2
North Carolina: 4/1
Pittsburgh: 12/1
Virginia: 14/1
Duke: 40/1