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BYU Football Jerseys To Read "Tradition," "Spirit" or "Honor"

According to reports, BYU administrators were shocked to learn that "Earth," "Wind," "Water," "Fire" and, their first choice, "Heart," were already taken.

In what can only be described as a desperation move after watching game film and getting ready for Virginia Football, the BYU Cougars are trying to up their intimidation factor in the most terrifying way they know how: they're replacing players' last names on jerseys with "Tradition," "Spirit," and "Honor," according to the team's Twitter account.

Sadly, it's going to work.

After all, how are we, in the house that Mr. Jefferson built, going to sack Tradition? Who are we, who wear the honors of Honor itself, to stiff-arm Honor? And for what, a measly W? And what about the Spirit of...

haha okay no seriously, you guys. I can't even type with a straight face at a bunch of 350 pound dudes rocking their SPIRIT jerseys to kick off the college football season.

Reactions have been somewhat mixed on their end. But, as our SB Nation friends over at Vanquish The Foe said, "the Internet has decided this is a particularly silly idea, because let's be totally honest: It pretty much is."

Coming to Charlottesville to see these in person? Be sure to check out STL's Kickoff Tailgate!

If UVA were to replace its players' names, what would you make them be? Boy is this opening up a can of worms or what.

P.S. I made this entire post without a single Mormon joke and should therefore be given a medal or something.