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Streaking the Lawn Roundtable: Favorite Uniform Combos

Coming off a bye week, we've gotta talk about something


With no Virginia football game this past weekend to distract us, the STL team was able to debate something that Wahoo fans are really passionate about: football uniforms.

The Hokies are wearing these uniforms this week (LOL).  Clearly, we are better than that....but in what jersey combination do we look our best? has an excellent repository of uniform history (and lots of other history) going all the way back to the 1950s, if you'd like to investigate this important issue further - I've linked to some of those pictures, as applicable, but the whole website is a good source.

Matt Trogdon: I loved the uniforms for the Oregon game. Blue helmets, blue tops, white pants. Classic Virginia.

Paul Wiley: The throwbacks we wore against La. Tech last year are my favorite unis of all time. The orange helmet with the blue block V in the white oval? C'est magnifique. As a general matter, I'd like to see us use more orange. It's an aggressive color, it's unique, and would give the team a great identity with the attacking defense. I'd love to see orange pants and jerseys as the base, with blue and white rotated through as well.

Brian Leung: Those Hokie uniforms though... Fall called. It wants its vomit back.

For me, the winning combination is blue helmets and pants, orange jerseys. Actually, I do think that's our winningest color combination, isn't that right? That would be my go-to. That said, the Louisiana Tech throwbacks were amazing, and I was especially a fan of the "WAH HOO WAH" emblazoned on their belts. I wouldn't mind if we never saw orange helmets again.

(Also, can we not call them "tops"? We're going to catch a lot of flak for that, Trogdon. lol)

Brian Schwartz: First of all, I need to add to the glowing approval of the throwbacks we wore against Louisiana Tech last year. Man, they were sharp, I hope we bring them back for at least one game a year. And usually, I am not a huge throwback fan.

The rest of the time, I am a traditionalist. I agree with Trogdon: blue jersey, white pants. I'm not anti-orange, but mixing lots of blue and orange is a bit much sometimes, and I don't love the look of the orange jerseys. I would be in favor of orange helmets...those were cool...but only with white (or orange) jerseys.  On the road, white on blue/orange works fine.

Hey Caroline, you are a girl, don't you have fashion advice to chime in with?

Caroline Darney: Finally, a discussion I'm an expert at. On a week to week basis, I like the clean look of the navy with white pants, but welcome the frequent switches. Keep us on our toes

I, too, appreciated the throwbacks from the La. Tech game. HOWEVER, I absolutely love the throwbacks from 2008 with the orange jerseys (tops, so fetch) and white pants with the orange/blue stripes. The white helmets are a little plain with no logo on the side, but I just love the look of it.

All in all, I'd rather we wore potato sacks than that monstrosity of an eyesore that is the VPISU uniform.

Alright fans, let's hear all your expert fashion tips down in the comments.