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Streaking the Lawn ACC Pick 'Em: Week 4

Show off your NCAA football knowledge and compete for prizes in Streaking the Lawn's ACC Pick 'Em Challenge

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As we head into week 4, ACC play is beginning to heat up (for teams not named "Virginia"). There are 7 ACC teams in action in out-of-conference games this week, and three conference matchups to pick.

If you don't remember the rules: Post your picks for the 10 ACC games this week down in the comments. (Remember, we are picking against the spread; if you pick Clemson in the Clemson-NCSU matchup, you actually picking them to "cover the spread" and win by more than 14 points). Here's a link to last week's competition.

At the end of the season, the three commenters with the best records win "Keep Calm and Streak the Lawn" t-shirts! You only need to pick 80% of games to qualify. I have tabulated the standings to date, but please feel free to check your scores. UVA fans are apparently geniuses, with commenters and blog-writers alike combining to pick about 60% of games correctly to date.

Remember, the Clemson - NCSU game is tonight! (So that pick must be in by 7:30 PM)

Here are our week 4 picks:

Game Tiki Paul Caroline Will Tim Matt T. Brian L Brian S Consensus
Clemson (-14) @ NCSU Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson
VMI @ Virginia (-43) Virginia Virginia VMI VMI VMI VMI VMI :( VMI VMI
Marshall @ VT (-8) VT VPISU Marshall VPISU Marshall VT VT (I'll never learn) Marshall VT
Wake Forest (-3) @ Army Army Army Wake Army Wake Army Wake Army Army
Pitt (-4) @ Duke Duke Duke Pitt Pitt Pitt Duke Pitt Pitt Pitt
Tulane @ Syracuse (-14.5) Tulane Syracuse Syracuse Cuse Syracuse Syracuse Tulane Syracuse Syracuse
WVU @ Maryland (-5.5) Maryland WVU WVU WVU WVU Maryland WVU West Virginia West Virginia
Savannah St. @ Miami (-60) Miami Miami Savannah St. Savannah St Savannah St. Savannah St. Savannah St. Savannah St Savannah St
Wins 20 19 18 18 17 17 17 12 18
Losses 10 11 12 12 13 13 13 18 12
Pushes 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
% 67% 63% 60% 60% 57% 57% 57% 40% 60%

And some expert-ish insight on these matchups:

Game Consensus Pick Preview
Clemson (-14) @ NCSU Clemson Clemson should win this game by 30, but ya know, Clemson will Clemson at some point in time. (Let's just hope it happens Nov. 2) - WC
VMI @ Virginia (-43) VMI This was a very sad thing to have to do, but we are all a bit too shell-shocked after the first two games to expect over 43 points from the offense. London could ease off early. - BS
UNC @ GT (-6) GT Georgia Tech's looked really good thus far. No reason to expect them not to roll at home against Carolina -BS
Marshall @ VT (-8) VT I pick VPISU and they cover, and I'll be happy. I pick VPISU and they lose, and I'll be happy. WIN-WIN! - WC
Wake Forest (-3) @ Army Army Wake Forest showed how awful they were last week, losing to Louisiana-Monroe...and going to West Point, Hoo says they can't do it again? Army looked good at Stanford - BS
Pitt (-4) @ Duke Pitt This will be a nice legitimate intro for Pitt into playing in the ACC...playing on a field that is worse than some high schools. Way to go Duke! -CD
Tulane @ Syracuse (-14.5) Syracuse Syracuse is mediocre. Tulane is awful. This isn't that clever, but it is brutally true. -PMW
WVU @ Maryland (-5.5) West Virginia This is like choosing which of your country cousins you dislike the least. Maryland's performance versus UConn is what scared me about their chances. - TM
Bethune-Cookman @ FSU (-40) FSU The Noles have already absolutely demolished Nevada (and kinda Pitt)...I feel sorry for their next victim - BS
Savannah St. @ Miami (-60) Savannah St Miami is good. Savannah St. is not. But It's hard for me to ever take a team that is -60. -TM

And here are the scores for you guys to date (please check and confirm):

Participant Last Week Overall % Correct % Attempted
KCCOlgate 5-3 13-4-1 76% 58%
Stupac8908 5-3 12-5-1 71% 58%
willsworldmn 9-4-0 69% 42%
Addison H. 6-3-1 67% 32%
STLEdge 5-3 11-6-1 65% 58%
JJuva13 7-1 19-8-1 70% 90%
SurfingWahoo 8-5-0 62% 42%
bwc3s 5-3 18-12-1 60% 100%
alyons3188 5-4-1 56% 32%
phillyhoosfan 6-2 18-12-1 60% 100%
Nic.Skirpan 12-10-1 55% 74%
The_Superhoo 7-6-0 54% 42%
MEllisUVA 5-3 16-14-1 53% 100%
CvilleBengal 6-7-0 46% 42%
Ben_Ford 5-3 9-8-1 53% 58%
CavaHoos14 5-3 14-16-1 47% 100%
Jaeckle 3-5 3-5-0 38% 26%
Overall 48-24 183-124-12 60% 64%