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Streaking the Lawn ACC Pick 'Em: Week 2

Show off your NCAA football knowledge and compete for prizes in Streaking the Lawn's ACC pick 'em challenge

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, everyone, with one week down, our ACC Pick 'Em continues with another exciting week of conference play.

If you don't remember the rules: Post your picks for the 10 ACC games this week down in the comments. (Remember, we are picking against the spread; if you pick Clemson in the SC St. - Clemson matchup, you actually picking them to "cover the spread" and win by more than 52.5 points). If you participated last week, go ahead and score yourself and keep a running tally of your record. Here's a link to last week's competition.

At the end of the season, the three commenters with the best records win "Keep Calm and Streak the Lawn" t-shirts! You only need to pick 80% of games to qualify, so if you missed out last week, it's not too late to hop on in.

Here's the STL team's picks for week 2 and records to date. We are all getting beaten by a girl, and I am getting beaten by everyone in the world:

Game Caroline Brian L Will Tiki Paul Tim Matt T. Brian S Consensus
SC St. @ Clemson (-52.5) SC St. SC St. SC St SC St Clemson SC St. SC St. Clemson SC St.
Florida (-3) @ Miami Miami Florida Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Florida Miami
Western Carolina @ VT (-42) W. Carolina VT VT W. Carolina VPISU W. Carolina W. Carolina W. Carolina W. Carolina
Richmond @ NC St. (-23) NC St. NC St. NC St NC St. Richmond NC St. NC St. NC St. NC St.
Wake Forest @ BC (-3) BC Wake Wake BC Wake Wake BC BC Even
Duke (-6) @ Memphis Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke
ODU @ Maryland (-19.5) ODU ODU ODU Maryland ODU Maryland ODU ODU ODU
Syracuse @ Northwestern (-12) Northwestern Syracuse Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern Syracuse Northwestern Syracuse Northwestern
Oregon (-22) @ Virginia Virginia Virginia Oregon Oregon Oregon Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia
Record to date:: 9 - 4 8 - 5 8 - 5 7 - 6 7 - 6 7 - 6 6 - 7 4 - 9 8 - 5


Game Consensus "Skinny"
SC St. @ Clemson (-52.5) SC St. I mean, if you win by 53 you're just rubbing it in (Looking at you for winning by 63 last weekend, Nike) -WC
Florida (-3) @ Miami Miami Florida likes putting teams in shackles and holding them down for four quarters until they stop kicking and screaming. Luckily Miami players are good at escaping from shackles, cuffs, and all manner of iron-based restraints. -PMW
Middle Tenn. @ UNC (-18) UNC UNC is really not getting many points at all at home against a pretty middling Middle Tennessee St. team. Either something is off, or Vegas knows more than we do...Crap. -BS
Western Carolina @ VT (-42) W. Carolina So...for VT to beat WCU by at least 42 points, they will have to score at least 42 points. LOL. -BS
Richmond @ NC St. (-23) NC St. NC State really has the potential to finish near the top of the ACC this year, so it wouldn't surprise me even a little bit to see the Wolfpack absolutely trample the spiders this week. Trample? Do wolves trample? -BL
Wake Forest @ BC (-3) Even An evenly matched battle between the basement of the ACC Atlantic has divided the STL team! - BS
Duke (-6) @ Memphis Duke A unanimous decision that Duke is going to cover? What kind of crazy town is this?? -BL
ODU @ Maryland (-19.5) ODU Aw, I kind of feel bad for Maryland, because come on you guys, it's their last year in the ACC and they just want to go out with a little respeHAHAHA I HATE YOU MARYLAND. -BL
Syracuse @ Northwestern (-12) Northwestern The Fightin Fitzgeralds will do it again. I don't know what "it" is, but "it" beat Cal, so... -PMW
Oregon (-22) @ Virginia Virginia Picked against the Hoos (and Gamecocks) last week so I have to keep the good vibes flowing! (Also taking the Bulldogs) -WC