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Update: #WhiteOutScott

It's back on!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, we reported Associate Athletics Director Jon Oliver's announcement that there would be no "White Out" of Scott Stadium for this weekend's UVA-Pitt matchup.

There are reasonable explanations for this. Mainly, that to achieve a true "white out," thousands of t-shirts must be ordered, the event promoted, etc. Also, white-outs don't look the best when large swaths of the stadium are unfilled, as was the case last weekend against Kent State.

Nonetheless, the athletics department shooting down an idea that was asked for by the players was a bad look.  Eli Harold was the first one loudly campaigning for a white out, and he did retweet Oliver, seemingly acquiescing to the AD's policy.

But today, there's been a renewed push on Twitter from the football team looking for a white out at Scott Stadium:

The players have spoken.

Other schools have done some impressive White Outs....but Scott Stadium's won't be one of them.  It's late to start spreading the word, and the administration still won't be handing out t-shirts. But wearing a white shirt as a show of support to the players seems easy enough; these guys work hard, and a strong showing of white is at least a sign that their fans have their backs. If Jon Oliver says "No white out," and Eli Harold says "#WhiteOutScott"....sorry Jon, we are going with Eli.

(By the way - if you were confused, when we say #WhiteOutScott, we are NOT referring to this:)