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The View From Scott: Carolina Edition

Virginia beats itself again, this time falling to Carolina by a single point.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know if its the same for the normal beat writers. But for those of us who are at least as much fans of a team as we are writers, writing a normal weekly column after a loss is difficult. It's hard to put your heart into it. Especially after a loss as deflating as the one we witnessed on Saturday against the Tar Heels.

I guess what I'm saying is, this isn't going to be a normal View from Scott article. I don't really care about the damn turkey legs right now. I don't care about the attendance right now. I don't care about the Adventures of CavMan video.

I care about winning the time of possession battle (again!) 38-22... and losing the game (again!).

I care about being in the lead or tied for the first 55 minutes and 55 seconds... and losing the game.

I care about having three running backs who all average more than three yards per carry (including one who eclipses the 100-yard mark)... and losing the game.

I care about having more first downs (again!), more passing yards (again!), more rushing yards (again!) and more total yards (again!)... and losing the game.

I care about giving up only 186 yards and no points on 59 plays... and 188 yards, 28 points on the other 4 plays in the game.

I care about the game ending on a Virginia substitution penalty... again.

I care about losing four of our first eight games by a combined 24 points after being in each and every one in the second half.

I care about having six rushers averaging at least 4.1 yards per carry... and being .500 on the season.

After the game, I tweeted this:

It was a heat of the moment thing, I'll admit.

But tell me - what's the common denominator among all those things I said I care about above? It's coaching.

What's the only thing that makes sense as being a cause for a team "doing less with more" as this team is definitely doing. It's coaching. Admittedly the "with more" part is absolutely to Mike London's credit. He can recruit in ways that almost defy logic. So can Chip West. But not making something happen with that talent? That's coaching.

I love Mike London. I think he's a great person and a great recruiter. But he and the collection of coaches that we have right now are not getting it done right now.

We've got the talent to win three of our last four games. But we had the talent to win eight of our first eight...

So either the coaches need to make some serious adjustments and shock the fan base these final four games, or I fear my tweet may have been reactionary... but right.