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UVA student singing Journey to a goose makes ESPN giggle all day

Sometimes you're the student. Sometimes you're the goose. Wait, what?

You never know what you're going to get on game days in Charlottesville. Sometimes, you find a team who looks like they could contend for the ACC Championship. Sometimes, you find the blazing hot sun burning a hole through your sole. Sometimes, you find first years mostly clueless about what is happening on the field or around them or in life.

And sometimes, when you mix a little alcohol (we assume) with a little upset, you find a young man singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" with a goose, or to a goose, it's unclear.

And that's exactly what happened Saturday night towards the end of the game as the Virginia Cavaliers cruised by the Miami Hurricanes, 30-13, on senior night. Watch the video above, and see if you don't end up exactly like ESPN commentators Brock Huard and Joe Tessitore, who completely lost it as the events unfolded before their very eyes.

Because "nothing says college like singing Journey while holding onto a goose."

Relatedly, should someone be checking on Tessitore to make sure he's ok?

Well done, UVA Goose Guy. I hope you identify yourself on this post, because you deserve public recognition. Keep living life.